Appointments & Prices

Booking an Appointment

Appointments may be booked directly with Vascular-Endovascular or with the desired treatment location for those who are self-funding. Privately insured patients should check with their own insurance company before requesting an appointment directly as formal GP referral is often required. All NHS ‘choose-and-book’ patients (where available) will require a referring letter from their GP.


New consultations essentially comprise a full vascular health-check of both arterial and venous systems. In addition to symptom appraisal, medical history review and risk reduction, all patients will be advised regarding optimisation of their prescribed medical therapy and individual lifestyle. The full clinical vascular examination typically includes either a Venous Duplex Ultrasound or a hand-held Doppler ultrasound examination at the time of the initial consultation.

Price Structure*

New Consultation   £150
Venous Duplex Ultrasound   £200
Doppler Examination   £75
Follow-Up Consultation   £95

*Prices for any subsequent clinical investigations and/or treatment may vary. Further information may be obtained as required directly from the requested treatment location.