About us

Vascular-Endovascular has been established to provide a more contemporary vascular healthcare for the population of Northern England. Although introduced primarily for the private sector (insured & self-funding patients), our services may also be available for NHS GP referrals through the ‘choose-and-book’ interface.

Routine vascular healthcare pathways are often needlessly complex, disjointed, and time-consuming without guaranteed continuity of care. This is largely due to the previous need for both vascular surgeon and interventional radiologist for complete service delivery.

At Vascular-Endovascular however, patients are seamlessly managed by one clinician who has been dual-trained in both conventional open surgery & endovascular (X-Ray based) techniques. In this more expedient model of vascular care, there is no bias toward one specific treatment modality, rather the most clinically appropriate and beneficial in each individual case.